Girls Inc. is changing the trajectory of girls’ lives.


Powerful Outcomes for Powerful Girls

Our outcomes demonstrate that with the right opportunities to grow and learn, girls’ realities are transformed. We equip girls to disrupt the status quo and ensure they have equal opportunities to take their places as the leaders they are.

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Meet Vanessa.

Girls Inc. had a tremendous impact on me growing up.

Research & Data*

The Girls Inc. Experience has positive and 
lasting effects for the girls who participate.

“In a rigorous comparison study, we found that girls who participate in the Girls Inc. Experience demonstrated improved academic performance, school-related behaviors, physical activity, and leadership outcomes.“ 
– Dr. Deborah Moroney, Managing Director of the American Institutes for Research

Stronger, Smarter, Bolder: Girls Take the Lead Report

icon-heart shape Strong & Healthy
81 %
Of girls eat at least 1 serving of fruit per day.
Young girl flexing her bicep muscles
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Young girl flexing her bicep muscles
icon-star shape Smart & Educated
87 %
Of girls care about doing well in school.
You girl looking down at something
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You girl looking down at something
icon-sun shape Bold & Independent
92 %
Of girls believe they have a great future ahead of them.
Young girl smiling
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Young girl smiling

*  National statistics. Source: 2023 Girls Inc. Strong, Smart, and Bold Outcomes Survey

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Girls Inc. has helped me grow 
as a leader in my life, to trust in 
the process, and believe in myself 
in everything I do.

Julie Vu
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