Teen Program

Developing teen leadership through our school partner outreach programs and summer enrichment day camp for teens in grades 7-12.

Teen After-School Outreach Programs

Teens flourish in academic enrichment, leadership, sisterhood, college prep, and advocacy skills in a pro-girl, and safe environment.

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If I hadn’t come to Girls Inc., I think I would be one of those girls in school who wouldn’t try their hardest and would give up after high school. Girls Inc. has helped me become a different person because they have pushed me to go to college. Now I want to go to college and with my leadership skills I can also help others pursue their dreams.

Mia, age 12
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Our Outcomes

We help girls gain the knowledge and skills to effect positive change in 
their lives. They become leaders who will change the world.

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89 %
of teens say being at Girls Inc. has helped them think about their future.
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100 %
of Girls Inc. girls and teens say it is important to be an active and informed citizen.
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