of Greater Santa Barbara


will not finish school on time. 79% of Girls Inc. teens are on track to graduate high school.

78% of Girls Inc. girls are happy with their bodies, compared to 48% of girls nationally.

65% of high school girls nationally have used alcohol. 22% of Girls Inc. high school girls have used alcohol.

81% of Girls Inc. girls are hopeful about their futures.

Your Single Donation matters

$500 – supports two weeks of van transport for 28 girls from school to Girls Inc. after-school program

$250 – provides costumes, sets, and other resources to support one theatre production at a center

$100 – supports one teen girl attending a week of summer camp to explore college and career preparation

$50 – provides math and literacy manipulatives for a girl during a 10-week Boost Academic Mentoring session

your Monthly Donation adds up

$6,000 – supports one year of full-time after-school programming for two girls

$3,000 – supports one year of full-time after-school programming for a girl

$1,200 – provides outdoor recreation equipment for summer camp program at one center

$600 – supports one month of nutritious snacks for 250 girls after-school


Support Girls Inc. in perpetuity

During my five years at Girls Inc. I had a sisterhood of support and eventually became a role model for younger girls. Having girls look up to me as a leader, I remember feeling very proud of that. Every girl should have that same opportunity to be a leader and a role model. Every girl deserves to become the leader of her own life.

Marsha, Girls Inc. Alumna