of Greater Santa Barbara

WHY GIVE TO GIRLS INC.? Because girls inc. girls are more likely to…
…Stand up for their beliefs and for fairness, and they are also more likely to believe that they can influence and improve their local communities.



of Girls Inc. girls and teens are learning to make a difference in the world.
…Attend school and be engaged in school. The Girls Inc. pro-girl, all-girl environment, as well as Girls Inc. mentoring, gives girls a safe space to build confidence academically and socially.


of Girls Inc. girls and teens care about doing well in school.
…Have positive relationships with adults and see them as allies, and see themselves as leaders.


of Girls Inc. girls and teens say there are adults at Girls Inc. who believe they will be successful.
…Show affinity and curiosity for STEM subjects, have self-confidence in reading and STEM, and see themselves in STEM careers in the future.


of Girls Inc. girls and teens are excited about science.
Abstain from substance use. Being able to say no to these pressures is a powerful step toward leadership for girls.


of Girls Inc. girls and teens are hopeful about their future.
Score higher on standardized math tests than their peers and were more likely than their peers to believe they could handle harder math or science content.


of Girls Inc. girls and teens know they will graduate from college.

Your Single Donation:

$500 – Supports one month of after-school programming for one girl, five days per week, for academic, social, and emotional learning and enrichment.

$250 – Supports one month of after-school programming for one teen to receive homework help, and explore college and career preparation.

$100 – Supports one month of virtual programming and mentoring for two youth.

$50 – Provides math and literacy manipulatives for a girl during a 10-week Boost Academic Mentoring session.

your Monthly Donation:

$6,000 – Supports full-time after-school programming for two girls during the school year.

$3,000 – Supports full-time after-school programming for one girl during the school year.

$1,200 – Provides outdoor recreation equipment for Girls Inc.’s summer camp program.

$600 – Supports one month of nutritious after-school snacks for 250 girls.


Support Girls Inc. in perpetuity

You can also donate by phone at (805) 963-4757 or by mail to Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, PO Box 236, Santa Barbara, CA 93102. For mail, please include a completed donation form.
During my five years at Girls Inc. I had a sisterhood of support and eventually became a role model for younger girls. Having girls look up to me as a leader, I remember feeling very proud of that. Every girl should have that same opportunity to be a leader and a role model. Every girl deserves to become the leader of her own life.

Marsha, Girls Inc. Alumna