of Greater Santa Barbara


Teens flourish in academic enrichment, leadership, sisterhood, college prep, and advocacy skills in a pro-girl, and safe environment at Goleta Valley junior high school for grades 7-8.

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Teen After-School Program 2023-2024 School Year

Monday-Wednesday: School release until 5:30 PM

Grades 7-8

Goleta Valley Junior High School

After-School Program Fees

Monthly Fee: $40 per month.
Annual Registration Fee: $25

In order to register, please download the following document, fill out, sign and email the completed document to info@girlsincsb.org with “Teen After-School Program Registration” in the subject line:

Summer Camp Dates:  June 19-August 11

Camp Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Camp Fees:  $200 per week

(families are required to register for entire 2-week academies, can sign up for multiple academies)

Academy breakdown:

Week 1&2-Art Academy: Calling all art lovers! This camp is for YOU! In this session we will focus on a variety of artistic mediums from spray painting, watercolor, ceramics, jewelry making and more! Come and let your creativity run wild all while learning about important women and girls who have made an impact in the creative world.

Week 3&4-Olympics Academy:  Do you have what it takes to be an Olympian?! During the next two weeks you will participate in a variety of Olympic disciplines including, Skateboarding, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Field Hockey and many more! You will learn about the importance of having a healthy mindset and working together as a team! All while having fun and staying active!

Week 5&6-STEMinist Academy:  Be curious, ask questions, ignite passion, and explore your creativity as you invent and make objects that move, design items to wear, and make clever creations that can solve problems. From chemistry in the kitchen to physics on the sports field, the youth will discover firsthand how science is a part of everything we do. Come connect with women in the STEM fields and build that “I can” attitude that is essential to being a strong, SMART, and bold Girls Inc. STEMinist!

Week 7&8-Leadership Academy:  Being a Girls Inc. youth means that you are strong, smart, and bold from your head to your toes. This session will focus on our strong, smart, and bold history as an organization as well as the women and girls creating history today. Come be a part of creating our sisterhood of support and learn to advocate for yourself and your community. After we focus on building our internal community in the first week, we will then focus externally on supporting the greater Santa Barbara and Goleta communities through a variety of volunteer service projects.

Summer Registration:

In order to register, please download the following document, fill out, sign and email the completed document to info@girlsincsb.org with “Teen Summer Camp Registration” in the subject line:

For families interested in applying for financial assistance, please complete the following financial assistance application and submit with required supporting documentation:

Financial Assistance Application / Aplicación de Asistencia Financiera

There continues to be a significant gender gap in the STEM fields and with regard to leadership in a broad range of fields, from business to politics to entertainment.

The Girls Inc. Teen Mentorship program’s goal is to connect youth with local women in the community to help increase their knowledge and confidence in their desired career paths.

The program offers hands-on/minds-on practical work experience to help teens build confidence and independence to pursue their goals while helping to dismantle gender and racial inequities in the workplace.

To learn more, click HERE!

Teen Advocacy Council

Now more than ever, giving every girl and teen a pathway to affect positive change in society will make a pivotal difference in their lives.

Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara is committed to changing the systems that hinder and limit girls’ lives and potential. And our youth want to be a part of that change.

Imagine: what if girls and young women in Santa Barbara had access to an advocacy toolkit and training in grassroots campaigns, civic engagement, and coalition building to drive social change? The world to come would change to one where girls take the lead and their rights and freedoms are guaranteed and protected.

Through our Teen Advocacy Council (TAC), teens will learn practical advocacy skills, the history and importance of advocacy for women and people of color, mental health and self-care in advocacy spaces, and issue-specific workshops aligned with the teens’ interests and priorities that emerge through their work.
We are currently building our TAC program and cohort. We envision each teen will receive a stipend for their participation. We need your support to create this new engagement model that will help teens identify and engage with issues that are most important to them and their futures. More to come!

of teens say being at Girls Inc. has helped them think about their future.

If I hadn’t come to Girls Inc., I think I would be one of those girls in school who wouldn’t try their hardest and would give up after high school. Girls Inc. has helped me become a different person because they have pushed me to go to college. Now I want to go to college and with my leadership skills I can also help others pursue their dreams.

Mia, age 12