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The Girls Inc. Experience

By Girls Inc.



At Girls Inc. we work each day to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

Our mission drives our dedicated staff, volunteers, and coaches to help unlock the potential of every youth who walks through our doors, encouraging all girls to feel safe to express themselves to trusted adults in hands-on, minds-on programs. This is the Girls Inc. Experience.

But what does it mean to turn inspiration into action? It’s one thing to “talk the talk” and say we inspire all girls, but how do we “walk the walk” and deliver on that promise? To answer that, the Girls Inc. Experience can be summed up with three P’s: the People, the Places, and the Programs. This unique combination creates a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for girls to find their own voices, learn to advocate for themselves and for others, and develop their leadership skills that they can take into their communities, schools, and families.

The People

At the heart of the Girls Inc. Experiences are the supportive mentors and facilitators who hold space for all girls to learn to be strong, smart and bold in their own ways. They represent the girls they serve and are often times leaders in their own communities and families. When girls remember their Girls Inc. Experience, they always remember their mentors’ names. Sustained exposure to trusted adults is essential to a girl’s social/academic/emotional development. Our mentors create experiences for girls to follow their curiosity, develop their inherent strengths, and build leadership skills for their futures.

The Places

Anyone who walks into our Teen Center or Goleta Valley Center campuses feels welcomed. At ease. Safe. That is not an accident; our physical spaces are intentionally designed to be inclusive. For many girls and teens, Girls Inc. is the only place where they feel physically or emotionally safe. As a result, our girls feel safe and inspired to share their talents and ideas with our staff and their peers. The Girls Inc. Experience begins in a safe pro-girl environment that cultivates creativity and healthy expression without judgment.

The Programs

Girls Inc. programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of girls today. They are hands-on, minds-on, interesting, and they inspire wonder. More than just another academic-type class outside of schools, the Girls Inc. programs – games, cooking sessions, art projects, STEMinist classes – expose girls to new experiences and ideas and allow them to learn about the world around them.