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Access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education

The theme for Girls Inc. Week 2021—selected by the Girls Inc. girls who voted in our 2020 Network-Wide Mock Election—is Access to Comprehensive Sex Ed. This year’s Girls Inc. Week will be celebrated the week of May 3-7.

At Girls Inc., we work to ensure girls have the skills, knowledge, and support to take ownership of their sexual health and make decisions to help them lead satisfying, safe, and healthy lives. We also advocate for policies and practices that will enable all girls to gain such skills, knowledge, and support.

Blog: Let’s Talk About Comprehensive Sex ED

This year we are particularly excited about this opportunity to educate our supporters and communities about Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) and the evidence of its positive impact on students, as well as the Girls Inc. approach to healthy sexuality programming.

Through Girls Inc.’s Healthy Sexuality programming, girls learn about and develop an appreciation for the human body and all it can do, become aware of sexual diversity and rights, and explore values. Our programming also allows girls the opportunity to build skills to engage in healthy relationships and think about their futures and the world around them.

When girls and young women have access to comprehensive sex ed, they can take charge of their health and their futures.

-Stephanie J. Hull, Girls Inc. National President & CEO