of Greater Santa Barbara

Girls Inc. follows Santa Barbara County Public Health Department COVID-19 guidelines.

One of Girls Inc.’s strategic priorities, both at a national and local level, is to broaden our impact by increasing the number of girls served and expanding where we serve them. Providing out-of-center/school-based comprehensive programming allows us to connect more teenage girls in our community to a sisterhood and network of support.

Our outreach programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of girls throughout Santa Barbara County building upon a foundation of strong, smart, and bold programs:

Strong: Girls are in charge of their health, and possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Smart: Girls are academically engaged, and connect academics to life experiences, opportunities, and careers.

Bold: Girls are socially and emotionally intelligent and display character and confidence in the life skills that allow for independent, productive and fulfilling lives.

Participating schools:

Santa Barbara

Goleta Valley Junior High School

La Colina Junior High School

Santa Barbara Junior High School


Maple High School


Contact us to learn more about our current and future school outreach programs.