Planned Giving

What Will Your Legacy Be?

At Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, we believe that when girls and women succeed, everyone benefits – the family, the community, the economy, and society.

Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold! We put our mission into practice through the Girls Inc. experience which equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers, and grow into healthy, educated, and independent adults.

Your legacy gift will shape a solid, positive, empowering future for girls and strengthen the organization to allow us to provide quality, relevant, field-tested, and research-based after-school and summer programing for generations of girls to come.

Supporting Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara as a beneficiary of your estate is the ultimate gift, but  it does even more than bolster our mission and provide long-term financial support; it establishes a lasting legacy of your personal values that sets an example for others and can be passed on to future generations.

Ways to Give


Through your will, you can make a planned gift to Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara with no impact to your finances during your lifetime. Depending upon the value of your assets, charitable bequests can facilitate estate planning and minimize estate taxes. You can make a bequest of a specific cash amount or a percentage of your estate. While it is possible to designate a special purpose or program for your bequest, we suggest that you designate your bequest for general charitable purposes in order to be responsive to priority needs of the organization as they evolve over time.

Sample Bequest Language:

The provisions in your will and/or revocable living trust to provide a charitable bequest to Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara* will depend upon your individual philanthropic objectives and estate planning goals. Please review the following sample bequest clause with your attorney:

I bequeath to Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, a California State, not-for-profit corporation located at 531 East Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93103, the sum of _____________   ($ ) DOLLARS [or] a _________  percent ( _____%) of my [residuary] estate to be used for its general charitable purposes (or insert specific designation/purpose here).

* Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara is a qualified tax-exempt nonprofit corporation under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; Federal Tax Identification Number:  95-6006417.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) –or– Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

CRT’s are ideal for individuals with assets that have appreciated in value and would be subject to significant tax liability when liquidated. If you establish a Charitable Remainder Trust, you may contribute assets without incurring capital gains tax. You may receive an immediate tax deduction on a significant portion of your contribution, and you or your designee will receive payments from the trust for life or for a specified number of years. At the end of this period, the remaining balance and the trust will be given to Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara.

Real Estate Remainder Gifts

With a Real Estate Remainder Gift, you can make a gift of your home or secondary residence, but retain the use of the property for as long as you and your spouse live. This makes it possible for you to give a larger gift than your resources might otherwise permit. You continue to take care of the property, pay the taxes, the gardener, the insurance, and other homeowner expenses. However, since you have made a gift of the property by deed, you will receive an income tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest without an outlay of any cash.

Retirement Funds

If you no longer depend on your retirement funds to assure your financial security, you may want to use these assets to make a legacy gift. Since IRAs and pensions are often the most heavily taxed assets in an estate, they are ideal for creating a testamentary gift. The procedure is simple. Obtain a “Change of Beneficiary” form from your retirement fund administrator, and name Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara as the full or partial beneficiary.

Life Insurance

If you are over age 60 and no longer need a paid-up Life Insurance policy, it can be donated to Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara by naming the organization as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of the policy.

This information is of a general nature. Advice from your own legal and tax counsel should be sought when considering any gift arrangement.

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