of Greater Santa Barbara

Now more than ever, giving every girl and teen a pathway to affect positive change in society will make a pivotal difference in their lives.

Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara is committed to changing the systems that hinder and limit girls’ lives and potential. And our youth want to be a part of that change.

Imagine: what if girls and young women in Santa Barbara had access to an advocacy toolkit and training in grassroots campaigns, civic engagement, and coalition building to drive social change? The world to come would change to one where girls take the lead and their rights and freedoms are guaranteed and protected.


Through our Teen Advocacy Council (TAC), teens will learn practical advocacy skills, the history and importance of advocacy for women and people of color, mental health and self-care in advocacy spaces, and issue-specific workshops aligned with the teens’ interests and priorities that emerge through their work.



We are currently building our TAC program and cohort. We envision each teen will receive a stipend for their participation. We need your support to create this new engagement model that will help teens identify and engage with issues that are most important to them and their futures. More to come!