General Program Info

Why Girls Inc?

At Girls Inc. we know how special girls are, and how important it is that they have all the advantages life offers. For nearly 60 years, Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara has helped girls have just that, by providing a foundation that serves them throughout their lives. Girls Inc. girls develop the strengths necessary to grow into healthy, educated and independent adults, so they can enjoy those advantages. They gain important building blocks, such as positive self-esteem, strong communication skills, the ability to solve problems, knowledge of their personal strengths, a sense of self-confidence and personal responsibility, and positive relationships with peers and adults. They stay in school, resist peer pressure, make smart choices about their bodies and their health, avoid gang involvement and substance abuse, and achieve better academic performance.

The Girls Inc. Experience

The Girls Inc. experience consists of people, an environment and programs, which together empower girls to succeed. The people are trained staff and volunteers, who build long-term, mentoring relationships in a safe, fun, yet challenging all-girl environment, where girls feel encouraged to take risks, and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges.  Girls are surrounded by a sisterhood of support, with high expectations, shared drive and mutual respect. Our hands-on educational and enrichment programming empowers girls to succeed through setting  goals for themselves, overcoming obstacles and developing the education and life skills they need to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

Our Curriculum

Girls Inc. programs feature an array of strategies to help ensure girls achieve academically, lead healthy and physically active lives, manage money, navigate unhealthy media messages, and discover an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. Girls participate in programs at both our two licensed childcare facilities located in Santa Barbara and Goleta, as well as various offsite locations.

Girls grow up strong – Girls Inc. teaches healthy living so girls are able to make informed decisions, avoid risky behaviors and take charge of their health:

  • Girls develop assertiveness and refusal skills to avoid substance use, and educate peers and younger girls on these issues.

  • Girls learn about their bodies, and identify ways and reasons to avoid early pregnancy and prevent STDs.

  • Girls learn media influences on self-perception.

  • Girls learn to avoid and address violence.

  • Girls embrace sportsmanship, positive risk taking and team building.

  • Girls build a holistic approach to stress management, nutrition, physical activity, and body image.

Girls grow up smart – Girls Inc. provides academic enrichment so girls increase their love of learning, improve performance in school, and aspire to and plan for education beyond high school:

  • Girls receive homework help and tutoring in support of classroom learning.

  • Girls boost literacy skills and take ownership of learning.

  • Girls develop enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and view these fields as career options.

  • Girls prepare for college and career choices.

Girls grow up bold – Girls build life skills to set and achieve goals, and increase resilience in the face of obstacles, to live productive and fulfilling lives:

  • Girls learn to earn, save and spend money with confidence, and understand economic concepts from the individual to global levels.

  • Girls build leadership skills and create lasting social change through community action projects.

  • Girls gain the skills and confidence to be future voters, candidates and legislators, with nonpartisan civic engagement activities.

  • Girls develop their voices, and learn to positively advocate for themselves and others.



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