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Alumna Story

Marsha: The Journey to Leadership


In 1988, Marsha found Girls Inc. as a seven-year old who just arrived from Russia. The after-school program was an essential resource for her parents, who both worked and attended night school to learn English. At Girls Inc., Marsha learned the skills to build a foundation for success for herself: she learned self-expression; she learned confidence; and she learned the self-reliance necessary to help her acclimate to her new community and country.

Making sure girls today have that ‘one place’ like I had at Girls Inc., where they feel accepted and supported, and can develop leadership skills and the self-confidence to be themselves is critical.

During her five years at Girls Inc., Marsha was surrounded by a sisterhood of support and, eventually, she became a role model for younger girls. Having girls look up to Marsha as a leader, made her feel proud. “Every girl should have that opportunity to be a leader and a role model. Every girl deserves to become the leader of her own life.”

Today, Marsha leads a successful real estate practice where she gets to welcome new residents from around the world to their new homes in Santa Barbara.



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