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Volunteer Spotlight

Helping Girls Build Academic Confidence


Former volunteer-turned-Girls Inc.-staff-member Debbie helped to create the Boost Program after working as a long-time Homework Help volunteer at Girls Inc. and recognizing the growing need for 1-on-1 attention to ensure girls weren’t falling behind. After more than a year of piloting individual academic mentoring, Debbie worked with Girls Inc. staff to formalize Boost. The Boost Program launched in 2017 at the Goleta Valley and Santa Barbara Centers, and matches volunteers 1:1 with first through third grade girls for academic support to enhance problem-solving skills, creative-thinking, and confidence. By eliminating the distraction of peers and embarrassment of not knowing an answer, Debbie observed that girls grew more comfortable, confident, and willing to try at their homework.

We’re there to guide them through figuring it out for themselves. That’s where girls build confidence.

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