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Girls Inc. Stands Up for Title IX


This month the Department of Education released proposed Title IX regulations that will weaken protections for student survivors of sexual harassment and assault. According to federal law, the Department of Education must now go through a process called “Notice and Comment” in which the public has sixty days to voice their opinions on the proposed rules, and the Department must consider those comments before finalizing the regulations. That’s where you come in…

Please take these steps to stand up for Title IX:

  • Educate yourself about the potential changes and what this news means from our partners at the National Women’s Law Center
  • Learn what makes a strong comment from our partners at EROC and Know Your IX. Note: the more personalized you make your comment, the more impact it will have – the Department counts duplicates as only one single response, and the number of responses they get matters.
  • Submit your comment in the form below. Please note: in order for your comment to make sense, you must customize it by deleting the instructions text and filling in the blanks.

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