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Girls Inc.’s She Votes Program Teaches Girls to be Powerful, Engaged Citizens


Giving girls the power to lead starts with engaging them in activities to become savvy voters, engaged citizens, and potential future candidates. Girls Inc.’s national She Votes program gives girls the resources they need to discover their own political voices, understand the structure and role of the U.S. government and our electoral process, and to be engaged citizens in their communities.

Girls Inc. affiliates across the country have launched the She Votes program leading up to the midterm election. Girls in our “Yes She Can!” (grades 5-6) and “Si Se Puede!” (grades 3-4) classes will be running mock elections and getting parents and community members to sign pledges to vote in the November election as part of the “Get Out the Vote Challenge” – the central focus of this year’s She Vote initiative.

Unfortunately, women and people of color are still significantly underrepresented. She Votes shows girls that women are underrepresented in government and will continue to be unless more women run for office. Now more than ever it’s so important for girls to believe in themselves not only as future voters but as future candidates.

Girls Inc. supporters can follow these She Votes activities throughout the fall on our social media channels (@girlsincsb).

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Building a more equitable society means educating and empowering girls to be actively involved in civics and the political process. While women make up more than half the U.S. population, they are represented by a Congress made up of 80% men. Educating girls and young women about this reality can empower them to change it.