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Girls Inc. Joins the Global Girls Alliance 


Girls Inc. is proud to join the Global Girls Alliance to bring awareness to global girls’ education. Girls Inc. puts a strong emphasis on the importance of education, helps girls set high academic expectations for themselves, and assists them in reaching their goals. In most cases, Girls Inc. girls are the first in their families to attend and graduate from college, and many pursue careers in fields that have historically shut out women and people of color.

In collaboration with the Global Girls Alliance and through the Girls Inc. Leadership and Community Action Program, we will build on conversations with girls about being leaders in their communities to include discussions about the role they play as global citizens and their ability to represent the voices of girls around the world who do not have a voice and who are denied access to an education because they are girls.

Through this alliance, Girls Inc. also commits to raising awareness among girls in North America, their families, and other supporters about the importance of ensuring adolescent girls around the world get an education and, together, addressing the barriers that stand in their way.

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