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Amy Burkman: LIVE ART Virtual Fundraiser


Thank you for participating in our one-of-a-kind virtual fundraising experience featuring speed painting artist, Amy Burkman!

Congratulations to our winners:

Lauren Katz won the Megan Rapinoe painting

Tara Uhrig won the Suffragette painting

Donations from this event helped Girls Inc. meet the increased scholarship requests from families who have been significantly impacted financially by COVID-19. We need your help to fulfill this overwhelming need so any girl and teen can continue to participate in Girls Inc. programming.

Did you miss the live speed painting? Watch now on our YouTube Channel 

live art with heart:
Amy Burkman, Speed Painting Artist

Hear from Amy

Watch Amy in Action

Amy Burkman is a professional muralist, live art entertainer, animal lover and a cancer survivor. As a commissioned artist, Amy’s portfolio includes personal portraits, pet portraits, landscape and realism pieces and abstract imagery. Although she takes pride in her personal artwork, above all Amy strives to use her creative passions to help others. Her motto is “Art with Heart” and, in her experience, using art alongside business and social initiatives can help raise money to benefit communities all around the world.

Amy raises money for organizations including cancer research, children’s hospitals, animal rescue groups and many others. To learn more, follow Amy on Instagram @AmyBurkmanOfficial or visit www.AmyBurkman.com.

 I’m thrilled to speed paint for Girls Inc. to raise money to fund the increased scholarship requests from families significantly impacted by COVID-19 so that any girl can participate in their life-changing programs.