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Coral De Alba Returns to Lead “Tiny but Mighty” Gymnastics Program


Girls Inc. welcomes the return of Coral De Alba to the position of full-time Gymnastics Director. De Alba previously served in the role part-time for three years until 2018.

De Alba’s first priority is to listen to coaches and gymnasts to hear about their accomplishments over the past year and to understand the goals they have for the future success of the program. She will also work to ensure current safe and positive coaching methodologies are instilled at all levels of recreational and competitive instruction.

As a seasoned leader and manager, and as a former competitive gymnast of the Girls Inc. program herself, Coral is uniquely poised to grow and maintain the long-term viability of the nonprofit gymnastics program.

“Our gym is small in comparison to other facilities. However, our programming and coaching staff does an amazing job at providing an experience and competitive program without limitations and restrictions due to gym size. We strive to grow each member individually and are well organized to use our small space to its full potential.”

De Alba values the input by staff and gymnasts to generate best practices and experiences and promote the sense of family within the gym. She brings a commitment to being present with coaches and gymnasts and to focusing on making sure that gymnastic’s larger life lessons are learned.

“Girls Inc. Gymnastics isn’t just about flips and tricks. Our coaching and programming encourage values and life lessons that we hope each participant carries, even when gymnastics comes to an end: positive attitude, hard work, discipline, determination, dedication, teamwork and friendship, consistency, toughness, and respect for others.”