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Boost! Tutoring Program Launches


Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara is proud to announce its new academic mentorship program, Boost! Tutoring Program. The program – which is in pilot phase at the Goleta Valley Center – aims to increase a girl’s confidence and build a “can do” attitude through consistency, support and enrichment of challenging academic content areas.

Participating girls are partnered with a mentor who focuses on bridging knowledge gaps girls may have that are preventing them from succeeding in their school work.

Boost! was created by long-time Girls Inc. volunteer Debbie Donahue, who has been working individually with girls who needed extra academic support for several years. She recognized a need for more academic mentorships at Girls Inc., and after countless hours of volunteer research and development, Debbie created the framework to pilot Boost! Debbie has now transitioned from volunteer to staff member to serve as the facilitator for that program. A special thank you to Debbie for creating this program to help girls succeed!