Champions for Girls

When you are a Champion for Girls, you invest in creating the Girls Inc. experience, an experience that is intensive, distinctive, and transformational. By providing a whole-girl approach that is grounded in the belief that girls are born with rights and abilities, the Girls Inc. experience equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and grow into healthy, educated, and independent adults.

Every gift in the Champions for Girls giving society stays with the local organization and is used to help identify girls’ strengths, and promote a growth mindset where both achievement and the ability to learn from mistakes are celebrated. To provide the Girls Inc. experience, we must “start early and stay late” in a girl’s life, investing in her over the long haul. It is an expensive process…but our life-changing outcomes are priceless.

With you in a girl’s corner, your leadership gift will help a Girls Inc. girl make healthy choices: be motivated to achieve, be economically self-sufficient and self-sustaining, graduate on time from high-school with a plan for further education, and use her voice to advocate for herself and others. Join with thousands of others throughout the Girls Inc. movement who have invested in girls around the nation – who need you there for them, every day, believing in them, showing them what’s possible, awakening their potential – being a Champion for Girls.

To learn how you can become a Champion for Girls, please contact our office at (805) 963-4757 or




$50,000 to $99,999 In memory of Doris Mithun, Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Jackson, Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation.



$25,000 to $49,999 – Anonymous, Anonymous, Cheeryble Foundation, City of Santa Barbara, Deckers Outdoor Corp., Mr. & Mrs. R. Chad Dreier, Ms. Stina Hans, Ms. Connie Pearcy, Walter J. & Holly O. Thomson Foundation, Wood-Claeyssens Foundation.



$10,000 to $24,999 – Ann Jackson Family Foundation, The G. Frederick Jewett Foundation, The George B. Page Foundation, Mrs. Perri Harcourt, Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Kennelly, Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy, Montecito Bank & Trust, Rita & Doug Otto, The Santa Barbara Foundation, Mrs. Diane Sullivan, Ms. Christi R. Sulzbach, Towbes Foundation, Volentine Family Foundation.


$5,000 to $9,999 – Ms. Nicole Alexandra Black-Gonthier, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Chrisman, The Condon Family Foundation, Ms. Molly W. Dolle, Exxon Mobil Foundation, Herbert & Gertrude Latkin Foundation, Hexberg Family Foundation, The Hutton Parker Foundation, Ms. Karen Lehrer, Ms. Mary Meehan, Northern TrustJune G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust, Ms. Christine Smith, Mrs. Melody Taft, Ms. Caroline Thompson, United Way of Santa Barbara County, Venoco Inc.Wells FargoMr. & Mrs. Jason Yardi.


$2,500 to $4,999 – Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Barbakow, Mrs. Sharon Bradford, Ms. Susan Caine,   Miss Carnzu A. Clark, Jody Dolan & Tom Holehouse, Ms. Nikki Greene, Mrs. Mary Hampson, Henry W. Bull Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Jenkins, Ms. Pat Jones, Ms. Christy Kelso, Mr. & Mrs. William W. Leddy, Mr. Brian Lloyd, Ms. Kandy Luria Budgor, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Manger, Mr. & Mrs. Dan McCammon, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Patrick, Mr. Terry Ryken, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet ClubShe.Is.BeautifulMr. & Mrs. Fred Shuman, Ms. Hilary Sims, Ms. Sarah Stokes, Mrs. Susanne Tobey, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Towbes, Ms. Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz.


$1,000 to $2,499 – American Riviera Bank, Mr. & Mrs. James Aviani, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Bailey, Ms. Stephanie Ball, Union Bank, BB&H Benefit Designs, Ms. Paige Beard, Ms. Martha Blackwell, Ms. Jeanine Burford, Burnand Partridge Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Burnham, Ms. Annette Caleel, Ms. Nydia Cardot, Ms. Vikki Cavalletto, Central Coast Real Estate, Chronicle Family Offices, City of Goleta, Mr. & Mrs. Lue D. Cramblit, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Crawford, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Croft, Mrs. Deanna Dehlsen, Destination Concepts Inc., Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Doran, Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Failing, Ms. Kay Flabiano, Ms. Martha Gabbert, Mrs. Marilyn Gevirtz, Goleta Lions Charities Foundation, Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Greene, Ms. Lauren Hanson, Hazel Heath Horton Philanthropic Trust, HEEAL, Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Horton, Dr. Mary Howe-Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Jacobs, Ms. Heidi Jensen, Mr. Douglas W. Jessup, Ms. Victoria Juarez, Mr. Brian Kelly, Mrs. June Kjaempe, Mrs. Doreen Ladin, Ms. Sarah Lind, Ms. Linda Sloan Locker, Lundegard Family Fund, Mrs. Diana MacFarlane, Mr. Bruce McRoy, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce L. Micheel, Mrs. Eileen Mielko, Mr. & Mrs. Laurence K. Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Kendall A. Mills, Mr. & Mrs. James Munroe, Jr., Ms. Kristi Newton, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Nicholson, The Pacer Foundation, Ms. Amie Parrish, Mrs. Lynn B. Pearl, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Probstel, Mrs. Ludwig T. Reiche, Mrs. Charlotte Richardson, Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Rishwain, Dr. & Mrs. James Robbins, The Roberts Brothers Foundation, Ms. Monica Robles, Ms. Lois Rosen, Santa Barbara Public Market, Santa Barbara Zoo, Ms. Lynn Scarlett, Mr. Steve Schaefer, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schall, Mrs. Leslie Schneiderman, Mr. Gary Simpson, Ms. Monica Spear, Ms. Sudi Staub, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Tyler, Dr. Ronald Ungerer, Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Veloz, Ms. Molly Vowels, Mrs. Tom Wathen, Ms. Crystal Wyatt, Mr. & Mrs. Gerhardt Zacher, Mrs. Sheila Zimmerman.


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